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About Betanet

Betanet is an international player in the commodities market. We have specific knowledge of commodities for pigments, brick-making, agricultural, and steelmaking sectors. Betanet was founded in 1995, following the merger of a number of large and medium-sized players on the minerals market.

Proven Knowledge

Betanet’s team of specialists combine a wealth of experience. We are specialized in grinding, processing, storage, and logistics of strategic mineral raw materials and residues. 

The industrial minerals market is served by a decreasing number of large production companies. As the cards in this oligopolistic market already appear to have been dealt, many customers think they are unable to switch supplier. This impedes often sorely-needed innovation in the market and hinders finding solutions for procurement issues.

Cooperation with Betanet, which is playing a growing role in this market, can then yield major benefits for both producers and customers. After all, there is still a lot of space between the legs of elephants!


Over the years, Betanet has developed strategic advantages related to:

  • a range of mineral raw materials and residues
  • grinding techniques
  • mixing techniques
  • chemical techniques
  • industrial markets for waste processing, drinking water treatment, glass, ceramics, agriculture, potting soil, flue gas treatment and desulphurization, sludge stabilization, cattle feeds, road fill and concrete.